While watching the rugby

I’m just watching the BBC3 rugby highlights of the game today between England and Australia; and just after Chris Robshaw scored that snaffling try to bring England level with Australia, 13-13, up popped a rather odd-looking camera image. No, it was nothing like that. Rather it was a bit like that much overrated Blair Witch movie in which the producers saved a lot of money by not employing cameramen and instead making the actors shoot all the footage. It was, apparently, something called: Ref-Cam. Yes, they’ve (Sky Sports, I presume, as they broadcast the game live) gone and put a camera on the referee’s head. I’m just trying to get a proper look at it, but can’t quite make it out.  He’s got his back to me, so it’s difficult. Ah, there it is: a RoboCop device sitting at the top of his chest, not on his head. How excellent is that?


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